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Instrumentation & Control and Data Acquisition System in Fluid Flow in Process & Petroleum Engineering

DURATION: 2 Months STARTING DAY: 10-01-2018 ENDING DAY: 10-03-2018
OBJECTIVES To enable the participants to update their knowledge in the area of flow measurement and control on Oil,gas, water and also to cover the International Standards in flow measurements and also the standard procedure on maintaining fuel installation according to International Standards, Flow measurement and control in flow meters and its calibration, norms and ethics in calculation of custody transfer in petroleum industry etc
  •  Instrumentation for Flow measurement
  • Pressure and differential pressure measurement-Methods, Principles, instruments & standards, Temperature measurement-Principles, Instruments and standards Thermo wells, Density measurement ,Online Densitometers, Measurement of Viscosity, Level Gauging of storage tanks.
  • Sensors, Transducers & Transmitters
  • Introduction to working principle and features of Sensors and Transducers for Pressure, Temperature, Level, Density, Mass etc. and smart transmitters.
  • Selection and Application of flowmeters
  • Different types of flowmeters-differential pressure flowmeters, Turbine flowmeters, P.D. Meters, Vortex flowmeters, Ultrasonic flowmeters, Coriolis Mass Flowmeters etc -principles, applications and installation effects, Selection & sizing of Flowmeters for various applications.
  • Performance/ QR evaluation/Calibration of flowmeters
  • Calibration Techniques, Gravimetric Method, Volumetric Method, Master Meter Method ,Meter Provers, Pipe provers and Tank Provers, Calibration of Liquid and Gas Flow meters, Assessment of uncertainty and statistical analysis of accuracy in fluid flow, Traceability of measurements and Calibration at Site & case studies.
  • Calibration of Auxiliary /secondary instruments
  • Pressure Calibration , Calibration of pressure transducers, Calibration of Mass and Weighing balances. Density calibration, ,Volume calibration, Temperature Measurement and calibration, Timer calibration, Calibration of counters, Frequency Calibration and calibration of electrical parameters.
  • Data Acquisition systems and Flow computers
  • Data Acquisition System (DAS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Field Bus, PLC and Introduction to LAB VIEW programming for Data Acquisition & Control, Introduction to DCS & Flow computers.
  • Custody Transfer flow measurement and Custody Transfer instrumentation
  • Custody Transfer of Petroleum and Natural gas –standards and practices, Flow meters for custody transfer, Provers for custody transfer applications, Custody Transfer instrumentation, Flow computers for Custody Transfer and Leased automatic custody transfer.
  • Auditing and Validation of Flow metering stations
  • Inspection, Auditing and Validation of Petroleum and natural gas custody transfer installations –Standards and practices, System Lay out and installation requirements as per relevant standards, Inspection and Validation of secondary instruments and Validation of Flow computers, Validation of CNG dispensers at site and case studies.
  • Model approval of Flowmeters
  • Model approval of flowmeters for Liquid and Gas application, Model approval as per OIML standards, Electrical tests
  • for model approval etc.
  • Flow Control Techniques-Control Valves and Actuators
  • Type of Valves, Flow characteristics of valves, performance evaluation of control valves, Selection and sizing of control valves, Actuators–selection and sizing , testing of actuators matching Actuators for control Valves.
TARGET GROUP Technical Personnel in Electronics, Instrumentation, Electrical, Industrial Engineering working in Oil & Gas industry, Process Industries and related fields can apply. Participants may be from industry, R&D organisationor Academic Institutes or Govt. Officials.
*REGISTRATION FEE US$ 4000 + Service Tax as applicable (under Self Financing scheme only)