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Metrology, Pressure, Thermal & Electro technical Measurements and Calibration

DURATION: 2 Days Date: 29th & 30th December 2020
OBJECTIVES National and International trade depends on acceptable system of measurement standards for efficient operation. Recognizing critical role of metrology, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) has given it a due important place in the International Quality Standards –
ISO 9000, 14000 & 18000 series by incorporating specific clauses on Calibration and Traceability. The course covers specification of laboratory reference equipments, testing and calibration techniques including documentation, traceability, uncertainty evaluation as required
by ISO 17025/NABL 141 guidelines for accreditation of laboratories in different areas like Mechanical, thermal, Electro-technical etc.
  • Module 1 :- Metrology and Calibration Techniques & Uncertainity Estimation( Day 1 )
    * Basics of Dimensional Metrology & calibration techniques
    * Mass Metrology & calibration techniques
    * Pressure Metrology and Calibration
    * Uncertainty Estimation as per NABL Guidelines and Traceability of Measurements
    Module 2 :- NABL Guidelines for accreditation of laboratories and calibration techniques ( Day 2 )
    * NABL guidelines for accreditation of laboratories & Intercomparison/Proficiency
    * Torque calibration techniques
    * Smart Transmitters and their calibration
    * Calibration of liquid in glass thermometer
Target Group Personnel with 2-3 years experience in Metrological or inspection sectors and quality groups from Engineering Industries, process control & instrumentation and other related areas can participate.
Course Details Course Fee Fees (Non Residential)
For Participants working in India :
Rs. 6,000/- + 18% GST Rs.1080/- (Total Rs. 7080/- per participant + 1% KFC (as applicable)
 For Participants from abroad: US $ 352 + GST 18 % US$ 64 + US$ 20(Total US $ 436/- per participant +
1% KFC (as applicable)

Those who wish to attend any one module only may opt for single day with half the fee mentioned

Communication/Enquiries : Email: training@fcriindia.com

Phone :+ 91-491-2566120/2566206.

Fax : 91-0491-2566326

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