Supply, installation & Commissioning of Compact Screw Air Compressor

Tender Date : 24-06-2021

Last Date : 09-07-2019

Supply, installation & Commissioning of Compact Screw Air Compressor
Scope: Supply, installation & commissioning of Compact screw air compressor assembly with built in air dryer, pre filter, after filter, oil separator, moisture separator, pressure switch etc with common enclosure.
Capacity: 90 cfm
Maximum pressure: 8 bar (g)
Set pressure range: 2 to 8 bar (g) or nearest (Please specify)
Motor rating: Up to 20 kw or nearest with starter
Power: 440V / 3 phase / 50Hz
Base & frame required for the compressor assembly
Tender Fee and EMD : Tender Fee :Rs.100.00
EMD : Bid Securing Declaration Form should be attached along with the unpriced bid
Last date of receipt of Tender :  9th July 2021 FCRI reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof.
The Tender Form can be downloaded from our website.Sd/-DIRECTOR

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