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But when does the meter need to be calibrated?

If you’re setting up a schedule for calibration, a simple rule of thumb is to have your flow meters calibrated once per year. If you’re using a new meter or one that’s in an unfamiliar environment, we recommend that initially you calibrate every 6 months until an accurate “footprint” of the meter is represented (usually in the first year), then switch back to yearly.

I already have a calibration company, why should I switch?

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Our labs have one of the fastest turnaround times (7 business days or less) and some of the best prices in the industry. We receive dozens of compliments from leading calibration facilities and individual businesses as to those two most important factors.

See why our labs are establishing themselves as a Flow Calibration industry mainstay and a resource to both calibration houses and individual businesses.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us . We’d be glad to help you.

Why do I need Calibration ?

Today it’s important to keep your instruments in top working order, and flow meters are no exception. As time progresses during the life of a flowmeter inaccuracy creeps in slowly leading to: -

  • Degradation of System Efficiency·
  • Inconsistent Process Parameters
  • Revenue loss in Custody Transfer

And when this happens you need to make sure that whoever calibrates your meter can give you not only what you want, but what you truly need


Why does a flowmeter need calibration?

The reasons for a flowmeter falling out of calibration are many and varied but not limited to:

Deposits in the flowmeter : Minerals, oils, solvents and other foreign matter can have a dramatic impact on your meter’s performance.

Aging : Internal parts of any mechanical object will eventually fail or break; many times the bearings are the cause.

Damage : A flowmeter that has received a substantial impact or has been dropped can change the performance output of a flowmeter.Improper Installation: Many times, a flowmeter is put out of calibration simply because it was installed improperly. By not following the manufacturers specifications, you can break the meter instantly.

Why should FCRI’s calibration facility be my choice?

By using FCRI’s calibration lab, you are ensured that your calibration is performed and measured according to National / International standards of accuracy.

  • International Acceptance
  • Instruments in Good Shape·
  • Conformance to Statutory & QA Manual Requirements.