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Wind Tunnel

  • Wind Tunnel laboratory offers calibration of velocity meters like different types of Anemometers, Pitot Tubes, Accu balance etc to the customers from a wide range of Industrial sectors like HVAC systems, Automotive, Wind Mills, Pharmaceuticals & Health care, Process Industries, Chemical Industries, Flow meter manufactures, Research & Development centers, Academic Institutes etc. These calibration facilities at FCRI are traceable to National Standards and have been accredited by NABL.


    Wind tunnel1 is equipped with a 300x300mm and 600x600mm exit test section. Wind tunnel2 is equipped with 150x150mm exit test section. The wind tunnels are working on Blow Off mode.

    Medium : Air
    Operating pressure : Ambient
    Velocity (max) : 80m/s (actual)
    Temperature : Ambient
    Reference meter : Thermal Anemometer & Pitot Static Tube

    Specifications of Wind Tunnel Facilities

    wind tunnelwind tunnel


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