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Large Water Flow

  • One of the Largest & Unique Calibration/ Testing facilities of the Country is commissioned at FCRI. The facility is a Large Water Flow Laboratory which is designed for a pipe diameter of 2000mm with a max.flow rate of 15000m3/ hr.


    The facility consists of an underground water sump of capacity 3000 m3 on which five Vertical Turbine pumps are erected.

    The major specifications of this facility are as under:

    1. Flow Medium : Water
    2. Maximum discharge : 15000 m3/hr
    3. Pipe Line Size : 2000mm (Design) & Ready to Use 1200mm
    4. Maximum velocity : 1.4m/s.in 2000mm dia. & 3.4 m/s.in 1200mm dia.
    5. Max Line Size Possible : 3000mm
    6. Sump Dimensions : 50m long x 8 m wide x 7.5 m deep
    7. Type of Flow : Direct Pumping
    8. Pump Type :Vertical turbine
    9. Discharge : 5000 m3/hr,4000 m^3/hr.,3000m^3/hr, 2000 m^3/hr.,1000 m^3/hr.
    10. Head : 20m of Water Column
    11. Type of Drive : Electrical Motor
    12. Power : DG Sets,1250 KVA 2 Nos
    13. Uncertainty : +/- 0.5%

  • Important Flow Products which can be Calibrated / Tested in this facility include Large Size ( 600mm – 2000mm ) EMF , Ultrasonic Flow Meters , all types of Insertion flow meters , Orifice Plates , Mass flow Meters and all types of Valves. The added advantage of this facility is Pump Testing also can be performed here within a flow range of 2500m^3/HR.



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