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Advanced Flow Measurement & Instrumentation – Principles & Practice

DURATION: 3 Days STARTING DAY: 6 February 2019 ENDING DAY:8 February 2019
OBJECTIVES The Course will cover the basics and recent trends in industrial flow measurement. It is designed to cover interest of personnel involved in plant design, flow monitoring, calibration and purchase of flow measuring equipments and associated instruments / electronics accessories.
TOPICS • Principles of Flow Meters – Linear, Non Linear, Non Intrusive Types
• Calibration Methods of Flowmeters viz. Gravimetric, Volumetric, Meter Proving
• Uncertainty Estimation as per ISO/NABL norms
• Selection and Sizing of Flowmeters for Specific Applications
• Flow Measurement Techniques in Large Ducts
• Flare Gas Measurement
• Auxiliary Measurement Systems – Pressure, Temperature & Density Measurement
• Domestic Gas Metering
• Introduction to Multiphase or Polyphase Flow
• L P G Metering
• Model Approval Testing of Flow Metering System as per OIML Standard.
EXPERIMENTS Calibration of industrial flow meters as per relevant standards in1) Gas 2) Liquid

Industrial personnel involved in the area of Flow Measurement & Instrumentation, Flow Audit, Process Control, Plant System Design, Flow Network Design and Water Transmission & Distribution Systems.


For Indians Working in India Rs. 15,435 + GST @ 18% Rs. 2,778/- = Total Rs. 18213/- per participant.

For those working abroad US $ 908 + GST @ 18%, US $ 163 + Charge US $ 20 = Total US $ 1091 per participant. (We accept e-payment only)

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