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DURATION: 3 DAYS STARTING DAY: 04 December 2019 ENDING DAY: 06 December 2019
OBJECTIVES The course presents a practical approach to selection, sizing, installation and performance evaluation of Control valves/actuators. These elements form critical control devices in industrial/process piping/flow systems. Present course also covers matching of valve/actuator technical specifications and system operational parameters.
TOPICS • Basic Classification of Valves and their Characteristics
• Basics of Selection and Sizing of Control Valves and Matching Actuator, Metering System Operational Requirements etc.
• Air Valves, Safety Relief Valves and Breather cum Relief Valves Test Procedures
• Cavitation in Control Valves – Theory and Testing
• Valves for Cryogenic Services – Test Program
• Fugitive Emission – Theory and Testing
• Diagnostic for Valve Actuators
• Endurance/Life Cycle Test of Valves and Actuators
• Performance Evaluation of Control Valves and Actuators
• Control Valves for Nuclear Applications
• Noise Levels from Control Valves
• Seismic Qualification of Valves
EXPERIMENTS 1. Flow Coefficient Test of Valves
2. Fugitive emission testing of Valves
3. Seismic Testing of Valves
4. Special Test on Valves
TARGET GROUP Personnel who are involved in design, selection, installation or operation of Valves and Actuators within the Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Water, Chemical Process, Pharmaceuticals, plastics, Paper and Food Industries. A basic understanding of flow measurement/control requirements & applications would be advantageous.
COURSE FEE (Non Residential)

For Indians Working in India Rs. 15,435 + GST @ 18% Rs. 2,778/- = Total Rs. 18213/- per participant.

For those working abroad US $ 908 + GST @ 18% US $ 163 + Charge US $ 20 = Total US $ 1091 per participant.

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