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E Training – Control valves and Actuators

DURATION: 3 Day Date: 9 th ,16 th and 23 rd th December 2020
OBJECTIVES The control valve plays a vital role in automatic control of modern plants, which depends on the correct distribution and control of flowing liquids or gases. The modern processing plant contains hundreds, and often thousands of valves are complementary activities, each influencing the other, sometimes strongly sometimes subtly. Proper selection of control system elements plays an important role in proper functioning of process plants. Flow being a major parameter in any process, the selection of control valves to suit the application is very important. Valves are one of the element causing fugitive emission in a process plant. As the population of valves in a plant is high, cumulative effect of them is quite
significant. Present course covers matching of valve / actuator technical specifications and system operational parameters. The course presents a practical approach to selection, sizing and installation and performance evaluation of control valves/actuators. Present course also covers in brief of fugitive emission, life cycle testing, special tests for nuclear power industry etc.
  • Module 1 :- Valve basic and numerical methods in design etc( Day 1 )
    - Basic classification of valve sand their characteristics
    - Selection and sizing of control valves
    - CFD analysis flow through valves
    - Air relief valve and breather valve principals
    Module 2 :- Testing of valves Part 1 (Day 2)
    - Testing of control valves (Routine test and type tests )
    - CV testing on valves
    - Torque testing on control valves
    - Control valve Noise – Prediction,Measurement and control aspects
    Module 3 :- Testing of valves Part 2 &Actuators ( Day 3 )
    - Valve for Nuclear application/Test
    - Fugitive emmission and cryogenic testing of valves
    - Fire testing/Endurance and POD testing on valves
    - Seismic Qualification of valves for nuclear application
    - Actuators types, Sizing & selection
Target Group Personnel who are involved in design,selection, installation or operation ofvalves and actuators within the Oil &Gas, Petroleum, Water, Chemical, Process, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics,Paper and Food Industries. A basic understanding of flow measurement /Control requirements & applications would be advantageous.
Course Details Course Fee Fees (Non Residential)
For Participants working in India :
Rs. 9,000/- + 18% GST Rs.1620/- (Total Rs. 10620/- per participant + 1% KFC (as applicable)
 For Participants from abroad: US $ 528 + GST 18 % US$ 95 + US$ 20(Total US $ 643/- per participant +
1% KFC (as applicable)

Participants can opt for interested modules of their choice. Only the fees for selected modules to be
paid. Certificate will be issued for the modules participated
For each module:- Rs 3000+18%GST+1%KFC (as applicable)

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