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Water Transmission & distribution Engineering

DURATION: 2 Days STARTING DAY: 13 June 2019 ENDING DAY: 14 June 2019
OBJECTIVES The course is designed to benefit water supply engineers involved in design and maintenance of Water transmission and distribution systems. Principles, Guidelines, Recent Trends etc. will be discussed.
  •  Analysis/Simulation of Water distribution Networks
  •  Differential pressure flow meters & performance evaluation of flow meters
  • Performance evaluation /Testing of valves
  • Testing of water meters
  • Hydraulic transients in transmission systems
  • Pumps & Pumping systems for water industry systems
  • Flow measurement in large diameter pipes
  • Automated meter reading systems for water meters
  • Flow measurement in Open Channels
EXPERIMENTS (1) Testing of Water Meter(2) Testing of Valves
TARGET GROUP Technical personnel with experience related to Water Supply Industry, Persons Responsible for Design / Maintenance of Water Supply System, Consultants, Flowmeter Manufacturers / Suppliers, Hydel Power Plants, Water Resources Management Departments, Water Treatment Plant Engineers. etc.
*COURSE FEE (Non Residential)

For Indians Working in India Rs. 11025 + GST @ 18% Rs. 1985/- = Total Rs. 13010/- per participant.

For those working abroad US $ 648.90 + GST @ 18%. US $ 117 + Charge US $ 20 = Total US $ 786 per participant.

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