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For countries covered under ITEC  Scheme

Prescribed Application shall be submitted to INDIAN HIGH COMMISSION/ INDIAN EMBASSY of the respective countries. The applications will be processed by MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS, GOVT. OF INDIA.s.

Self Financing Scheme

Downloaded application from FCRI Website shall be submitted to FCRI. All expenses to be borne by candidate / Sponsoring Organisation.

For 5 Days course For 5 Days course For 5 Days course
US$ 1490 only US$ 608 only US$ 314 only
Course fee includes Tuition fee and presentation materials only.

The course fee is to be paid in advance to FCRI before the commencement of the course. Pickup and drop at Coimbatore Airport by FCRI. To & Fro travel expenses, Medical and other incidentials are to be
borne by the Candidate.

Prescribed Application form for Applying under Self Financing Scheme is : Click here