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Liquid Hydrocarbon Flow Measurement and Custody Transfer

DURATION: 3 Days Date: 28th to 30th April 2021
OBJECTIVES How important is the accurate bulk liquid measurement for companies? Petroleum products bought and sold on the world wide market may be transported over thousands of miles and change ownership many times from the well head to the end user. Each time the product changes ownership, a “custody transfer” is completed and both buyer and seller expect their asset share to be accurately measured. More often than not, companies find measurement do not match up and this may result in serious losses to the companies, litigations and arbitrations at national / international courts or both. After the beginning of the dismantling of Administrative pricing mechanism in India the competition among Petroleum companies is all the more tougher. Process measurement occurs within refineries and other process plants as part of the refining and manufacturing process. There are many occasions within a refinery or process plant when liquids
need to be measured so that the right quantity of products will be produced. These applications can be grouped under the title of process measurement and are very critical in many applications. A clear understanding of the intricacies of fluid measurement will solve problems associated with flow measurements. But it is easier said than done. For everyone involved in hydrocarbon flow measurement it is important to share the knowledge to maximize the benefits that accurate flow measurements can accrue. A common question invariably at flow measurement courses and workshops is “What type of meter is best for my application”? The answer obviously depend on many factors, but shall first be preceded by ignored considerations of assorted influences of flow, fluid and measurement. This course has been designed to cover the interests of petroleum production and process industries, power sector, flow meter manufacturers, dispenser manufacturers and users,aviation industry, pipeline transporters (petroleum product), research organizations and academic institutions.
  • • Fundamentals of Flow Measurement
    • Principles and Operation of Flow Meters – An Overview
    • Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for Custody Transfer – Theory and Practice
    • Ultrasonic Flow Meters
    • Model Approval of Flow Meters, Petroleum Dispensers and LPG Dispensers as per OIML R 117
    • Uncertainty Estimation in Flow Measurement as per ISO/ NABL Guidelines
    • Selection of Flow Meters
    • Installation Effects on Flow Meters
    • Calibration of CNG Dispensers – Field Experience
    • Multiphase Flow Metering
    • Pipe Provers
    • Calibration of Flow Meters – Gravimetric, Volumetric and Master Meter Methods
    • Importance and Measurement of Temperature, Pressure and Density
    • Auditing of Gas Flow Metering Installations
    Calibration of Flow Meters in

    1) Water Flow Laboratory
    2) Oil Flow Laboratory

Target Group Metering and Instrumentation Engineers, Production and Reservoir Engineers, Hydrocarbon Accountants, Product Suppliers, Metering System Vendors, Government Agencies, Researchers
Course Fee Fees For Indians Working in India Rs. 15,435 + GST @ 18% Rs. 2,778/- = Total Rs. 18213/- per participant.+ 1% KFC Rs.154 (as applicable) For those working abroad US $ 908 + GST @ 18%, US $ 163 + Charge US $ 20 = Total US $ 1091 per participant. + 1% KFC US $ 9

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