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Director’s Message


FCRI was started as a project in 1984 with techno-commercial inputs from UNDP/UNIDO and was dedicated to the Nation in 1989 by the then President of India Shri. R. Venkataraman. The institute has grown over the past 25 years to be one of the best Research and Calibration/Test Laboratories around the world and a center of excellence in flow measurement.

The business scenario today is highly competitive and witnessing continual fast changes due to rapid developments in science and technology. Intense competition, surge of new players, products and services are able to upset the market balances in every sphere of industry.At FCRI, it is our constant endeavour to keep pace with increasing accuracy regimes for our reference systems and capabilities in all spheres of our activities. The Test, Research and Calibration facilities are continually upgraded, updated and expanded to ensure they are among the best in the World. Regular Inter-comparison exercises, International Certifications and validations, stringent Quality Audits, skilled and trained manpower and overall professionalism have contributed to our high levels of reputation and credibility.

We believe in the philosophy of giving back to Industry our expertise and solutions. Our vast and varied experience, expertise gained through hundreds of Projects and assignments in applied research have been backed by customer confidence and loyalty in giving them outputs of exceedingly high quality and timely completion of tasks. Our reputed and much sought after Technical Training programmes, both standard and customized training solutions, are specifically designed to develop, enhance and equip the Industry with the latest principles, technologies and applications in Instrumentation, Flow Measurement and Control, Calibration management practices, Custody transfer and Legal Metrology requirements, etc.We welcome you to our redesigned as well as redefined presence on the World Wide Web and hope you will find it useful to navigate through to learn more about the Institute, its activities and services in order to help you achieve / maintain higher quality systems for your business and manufacturing .


Director In Charge